Updated 8/4/13


Welcome to gantamps vintage amp site!

This site is for my passion, vintage guitar amps. I've been taken with guitar amps since I started playing in 69'. I used to memorize amp flyers, tube charts, and watch any TV show that might have amps on it. I started collecting 20 years ago and now have close to 80! I've started renting these for videos and sessions in the Nashville area. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I've updated my home page and collection page. I am in the process of updating the rest, stay tuned!

The collection is available for session and video rentals!

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My how time flies! Sorry for neglecting the site, we've moved to a new house and it has been quite an undertaking. The good news is I have more room for amps and have picked up a few. I will upload the latest additions as time permits. I'm working with a couple studios in town for rentals for sessions. Several have been used in country videos. If you are in the area the collection is available for hire.

I've collected amps I've admired and used throughout my career, Fender, Vox, Kustom, Sunn, Marshall, Standel, Acoustic, Music Man, Magnatone, and Gibson.




Here are some recent finds

Fender Concert 63' AA763
Music Man HD130 1-15 JBL K130

Magnatone M20
62' Fender Super